Visual Display Supplier, Since 2006



SOARPEAN designs and develops materials for presentations and display within the world of fashion. Our main task is to keep the optimum profile and presentation of the product.

We provides displays, mannequins, busts, furniture, presentation material etc. With all kind of materials like: glass, fiber, plastic, metal, wood, rubber, leather, acryl and many more. We deliver from stock as well as custom-made solutions. This way we are always able to meet your demands, no matter the task—without compromising.

At SOARPEAN we travel the world to find inspiration. We attend fashion weeks, runways and fairs all over the world—including Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris and New York.

Moreover we are inspired by trends within the industry of makeup, furniture, architecture, music, hair fashion as well as inspiration from shops in the worlds fashion metropolis.

If you want to work with fashion—you got to understand fashion. For that reason we see ourselves as a part of the fashion industry, and we consistently strive to be “first movers” within our area. By unconventional and innovative ideas, we push the limits and make a difference.

All together SOARPEAN is your guarantee for a trendy and up-to-date solution.


8 Year gold supplier


Do you want to communicate with manufacturer directly without any misunderstanding?
Here we are.

SOARPEAN is a customized manufacturer in production of display props. Our main mission: We do all complicated variety of display and design. 
This is simple work for you to choose us to customize your design.
We follow your ideas, provide suggestions, control the products. We do not want a the relationship between buyer and supplier but a parnter and trustable one.

You want to produce in China? We will make your life easier by making the products you seek in China, at the quality and the price you need. Over the past years we have a wealth of experience in providing custom display props across a variety of design that deals with big brands as well as the smaller non-famous ones with the same professional quality. 
Each person of the SOARPEAN team is specialized in a specific kind of product.

Conceptualization: We detail your needs as much as possible.

Sampling: We make the sample of the product you need and until you are satisfied 100%, we will keep modifying this sample before starting production.

Production: At your confirmation we will start the mass production after 30% of deposit of the order.

Anonymous Supplier:
We keep non-compete treaty, we do not sell or produce the same products without our clients' permission. You won't find your products and ideas sold in other countries.

Quality Control:
We perform the quality control of the product to be sure that producing is 100% similar as the sample you approved and delivery on time. We perform inspection at the beginning, middle and end of the production. We will send you pictures and proofs of the right goods to show you the progress.
If there is any problem with the product, or the shipment, we will let you know as soon as we know it and work on a solution. If the production is not with your standards, we will never send it to you, except of course if you ask us to.

Custom Service:
We estimate pricings to you for reference, then we work under the budget and follow your demands.

We strive to establish a real trust relationship with you, we are not here to sell you a product, we do not work for or with factories, we are here for you, to work with you and work in YOUR interests.